Things to Know 

*Can we drink on the party bus? 

You are allowed to bring any type of food or drink on the party bus including alcohol.  However, you do have to be 21 per state law to consume alcohol.  If you have alcohol on your party bus, everyone in your group must be 21 years or older.


*Can we smoke on the party bus? 

No, smoking is not allowed.


*Can we smoke pot on the party bus?

No, you may not smoke pot or use any other illegal drug on the party bus!  Whatever the law is outside the bus is the law inside the bus as well.


*Can I bring my gun if I am licensed to carry?

No, we do not allow any type of firearm or any other weapon on the party bus!


*Can a party bus fit in my driveway?

Our party buses can get to most places.   However, getting into your driveway is not always possible.  If you are having a stationary party and live on a busy street, the driveway would be best.  If you are not sure, you may request that we come look before the event date.  If  you have low-hanging tree branches, narrow streets, low wires or a steep drive then we may have difficulty getting to where we need to be.  Our buses do need 14?of clearance to be safe.  Sharp turns may be a concern as well, so keep these in mind when you are planning your party.  It is entirely up to the driver’s discretion if a problem were to arise. If you have concerns, please speak with us about them, and we can discuss them on a case by case basis. Throwing a tantrum because the driver refuses to cram the bus through and past tree branches won’t help either.


*Where do you pick up at?  Where will you drop us off at the end of the night?

Generally, our clients will meet at a central location like someone’s house or a hotel for out of town guests.  We can pick you up and drop you off in the same location.  We can also make multiple stops during your time so that everyone arrives home safely.  However, these need to be planned in advance, because they can be very time consuming.  Example, 4 stops only 10 minutes apart= 40 minutes.  Add 5 minutes for hugs, goodbyes and exiting the bus at each stop = 20 more minutes.  Plan ahead and give yourself enough time.


*Do we need to tip our driver and dj? 

Our staff works very hard to entertain you and keep you safe.  If you have had good service and a good time, a gratuity is appropriate.  A typical gratuity would be is the same as dining in a restaurant.  Party Bus drivers and dj’s split tips 50/50. F.A.D.D.S. does not do forced gratuities unless it is for a special occasion such as prom, New Year’s Eve or parties that begin after 11 PM.


*How fast does the Majestic Party Bus go?

Double Decker’s are slow.  While this makes them much safer, it can affect your party schedule.  The Majestic’s top speed is around 45 mph.  Just enjoy the ride, because it’s the fun of it that’s important!


*How should I figure my parties drive time so that we arrive to our destination on time?

On the Majestic, it is recommended to double the time you could drive in a car.  Any other bus, half again as much time.  Example: 1 hour by car is 1 ½ hours in a bus.


*What else should I know about the Majestic Party Bus?

Upper deck passengers will experience a different ride from the downstairs passengers.  They are high off of the ground and unevenness in the roadway will be felt as a side to side sway and an up or down movement.  Riders should be seated as much as possible and holding on.  The stairs on the Majestic are a tight fit.  There is plenty of room to transition up or down, however, guests should not linger or play on the stairs.  The stairs are not a jungle gym.  For your safety please stay clear of the stairwell as much as possible.


*What happens if there is a fight?

Really? No fighting!  If you have a friend that gets out of hand when he/she drinks-maybe they should stay home.  If a fight does occur, your party will end at that time and no refunds will be given.  We do not tolerate any fighting, especially violence towards women.  If a guy hits a girl, his night is over.  Also depending on the injuries, the police will be called and there would be arrests.  Most fights start because someone bumps into somebody or says something stupid.  Remember it takes two to fight so the best thing to do is let cooler heads prevail and diffuse the situation.


*Will I get in trouble if I curse on the bus?

No, not necessarily.  However, we do ask that you keep your language in check.  Our biggest concern is that you be respectful of those in your party, our staff and the general public outside the bus.  We will be on our best behavior and we hope that you will to!  Remember, our staff gave up their weekend fun so that you can have a great night.


*What can I do on the party bus?

Have a good time!  Enjoy drinks and dancing.  Spend time with your friends.  We hope that you have an excellent time!  However, you should not use rude gestures towards the public like mooning, flipping the bird, etc.  You rent the buses just like you would a limo.  You purchase a block of time to use any legal way you like it.


*Does F.A.D.D.S. provide the bus driver and DJ or do we get our own?

All of our party buses come with handpicked-trained staff.


*Do your provide invitations, food, drink or presents?

We provide an entertaining DJ, ice and coolers for you.  However, we do not provide food, drink, presents or invitations.  We recommend that you bring paper plates, plastic utensils and cups for your drinks.   We do not provide the other guests or friends!  You should invite people you think will get along with each other and are fun to be around.  We have actually had someone ask if we would provide the friends.


*What happens if I go over my scheduled time?

F.A.D.D.S will work with you and your party to ensure that you return to your destination at the scheduled drop off time, however, if you decide to extend your party, you will be charged accordingly.


*Can we leave our drinks on the trolley when we are dropped off?

Usually, the trolley must leave to service another group, therefore we recommend that when you reserve a trolley that you do not leave food, drinks, or belongings on the trolley when we drop you off.  We aren’t always able to secure your items for you prior to your re-boarding a trolley.  You can check with our office to see if there are other bookings on your date.


*Can my friends meet me in Downtown?  Are we allowed to pick up people and have them join us on the party bus?

Yes, we can pick up your friends Downtown if we know ahead of time that they need to be picked up.  We do not pick up strangers, not even for a quick trip on the party bus.  This is for your safety and for ours. So no strangers on the bus?  That is correct.  We have had guest’s items stolen by the strangers they’ve invited on the party bus.


*Do I tell the driver where we want to go?

Communicating with your DJ is best.  If you need to make a unexpected stop, relay this information to your DJ and they will handle it for you.  We do not want our drivers distracted so they can keep you safe!


*Do I have to go into the nightclubs that all my friends are going to?

No, you do not.  We prefer that your group stays together, however, if you want to stay on the party bus while your friends check out a venue that is fine with us!


*Can we bring a keg on the party bus?



*Can we bring extra coolers?

You can bring up to two extra coolers on the larger buses.  On the Fantasy, there is really not room, but the built in cooler is quite large.  Small, personal coolers are ok, but please no Styrofoam coolers!  They have a 100% failure rate on the party buses!

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